Source: The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

NYSERDA announced today that 243 Rochester-area businesses are reducing energy costs by more than $4 million annually as a result of the energy efficiency upgrades and sustainable building projects supported by NYSERDA during 2010.

The energy savings—32 million kilowatt hours—is equal to powering 4,600 single-family homes a year!!

“NYSERDA commends these leaders in the Rochester business community for their commitment to more environmentally sustainable business practices,” said Francis J. Murray Jr., President and CEO of NYSERDA. “And we encourage other companies to apply for the incentives available in 2011 for energy efficiency improvements for existing buildings and new building projects.”

NYSERDA provided nearly $4 million in incentives to Rochester-area businesses to make energy efficiency projects more affordable, enhance competitiveness and cut costs for businesses.  These incentives are available to every sector of the economy, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, health care, agricultural, commercial and others.

The payback on these energy efficiency efforts is about three to five years. Businesses that did this work are saving an average of $80,000 annually.

Performance-based projects not only save energy but also improve productivity and lower equipment maintenance and operating costs.

Examples of Rochester-area businesses that have benefited from participating in NYSERDA programs in 2010 include:

In existing facilities, NYSERDA incentives can be used for lighting retrofits, upgrades to motor systems, energy management systems, heating and cooling systems, and other operations, as well as for combined heat and power systems. Assistance also is available for energy audits to identify cost-effective opportunities to increase energy efficiency, develop greenhouse gas emission inventories and more.

For new construction, NYSERDA offers technical support to building design teams and financial incentives to building owners for using green building practices.

Since 2000, NYSERDA has supported approximately 1,400 commercial and industrial energy efficiency projects in the Rochester region.  These projects are realizing more than $23 million in energy cost savings annually and have reduced their electricity consumption by 208 million kilowatt hours—the equivalent to the annual amount of electricity consumed by nearly 30,000 single-family homes.  NYSERDA provided $25 million in funding for the projects.

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