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“The Joy of Hobby Farming will guide you toward self-sufficiency and restore your faith in your own two hands, if you’d just start digging.” – Ference Mate, author of A Vineyard in Tuscany and A Reasonable Life

Michael and Audrey Levatino are not farmers by profession, They have office jobs to pay the bills, but they, like thousands of other Americans, long for a more sustainable lifestyle that is better for the environment, better for local communities, and provides them with the emotionally fulfilling opportunity to work with their hands and provide for themselves. That’s hobby farming.

In The Joy of Hobby Farming, the Levatinos provide readers with tips for doing everything from growing your own food to how to choose the right blooms for your garden of flowers to running your farm as a business to earn additional revenue on the side.

Along with vivid photographs and personal anecdotes, The Joy of Hobby Farming includes all of the rules for success that anyone will need in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle including:

Whether it’s how to find the perfect land for a farm, how to grow mushrooms on logs, or how to generate income and tax revenue from organic matter that can be recycled and regenerated into more income and tax revenue, The Joy of Hobby Farming includes everything you will need to know in order to turn your passion for farming into an active – and even lucrative – part of your life.

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