At Warren Energy Engineering does not play when it comes to spending energy.  He is one of the better guys in the biz that’ll give you the energy efficiency measures needed to save some crazy cash. 

Here is what they do:

Green Services That Warren Engineering Offers

Energy Audits
Impact Evaluations
Green Building Support / New Construction Design Assistance
Measurement and Verification
Utility Bill Auditing and Benchmarking
ENERGY STAR Certification
Demand Response Audits
Energy Management Program Support
Retrocommissioning (RCx)
Utility Program Support

Some examples of their skills by Warren Energy

Switching Facility Audits

Warren Energy Engineering performed energy audits of 14 telecom facilities totaling nearly 2 million square feet as a subcontractor to a major ESCO. We also performed quality assurance reviews on an additional 53 sites totaling 11 million square feet. Sites primarily included office buildings and equipment-dense central office facilities. The energy assessments include reviewing building and equipment data, interviewing site personnel, analyzing utility rate information, observing energy related equipment operation, and conducting some limited site measurements. Recommended measures for mechanical HVAC controls improvements included installing variable frequency drives (VFDs) to control air handler fans and converting chilled water distribution systems to variable flow. Improving the operation of outside air economizer cycles has also been a focus. Improvements to lighting have also been proposed.

Prepare Bids for ESCOs

Warren Energy Engineering performs energy audits that are used in a major ESCO’s RFP responses. These audits become the basis of the proposed scopes of work and savings guarantees for the mechanical (m), demand response (dr) and controls (c) measures. These studies have been completed on:

On several of these projects we made use of eQUEST simulations while custom bin simulations were used on the others.

Housing Authority Audits

Warren Energy Engineering, LLC teamed with GDS Associates on recent energy audits of six housing authorities in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Warren Energy Engineering, LLC was responsible for identification and analysis of mechanical measures in an energy audit for each housing authority. Typical measures included improvements to domestic hot water and heating hot water systems, adding HVAC thermostats and controls, and measures to improve HVAC efficiency.

Hospital Central Plant / Cogeneration Master Plan

Mr. Warren, in cooperation with Quantec, LLC, analyzed all feasible options for a new central plant for a large hospital in Oregon. Analyzed equipment options include cogeneration (microturbines, IC engines, small combined cycle), absorption chillers, efficient electric centrifugal chillers, variable flow pumping, and natural gas boilers. The 20-year costs of the options were estimated and the impacts of several anticipated expansions and fuel and electricity price forecasts included. Utility incentives and state tax credits for the cogeneration equipment and for central plant equipment that exceeds state energy code will be pursued.

Analysis of the gas turbines that would produce a significant portion of the site’s electricity needs included the impact of supplementally fired heat recovery steam generators. An absorption chiller may be installed to increase the amount of recoverable heat. A variable flow chilled water pumping system in a primary secondary tertiary configuration is planned. Annual cost savings of more than $1 million are expected.

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Contact Us

Tel:  (610) 255-1546


Mailing Address:

Warren Energy Engineering, LLC
100 Peacedale Road, Suite 1
 Landenberg, PA 19350

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