American Forests: Preserving Our Green Legacy – Organic Connections

American Forests: Preserving Our Green Legacy – Organic Connections

This is a great review.  However, let us not forget one part of our forest service.  Teddy Roosevelt was able to create and protect our national forest service was there were massive fires going on (The Big Burn) around the time it was created.

People put out the fires that get created in our national forests.

imageWe will always need people to help us put out our nations fires. 

The forest service is there to provide our national treasures and protect them in times of need.  

America will always protect its forests.  It is part of the National Treasure of this great country.


By Bruce Boyers

For me, trees have always been a source of rare and exquisite beauty. I spent the first six years of my childhood in the mountain community of Idyllwild, California—and some of the towering, gnarled, sweet-smelling pines that surrounded my youth had such forceful personalities that I all but named them. I certainly never forgot them; when returning as an adult, it was almost instinctual to seek them out and say hello, and to practically cry if I found one had been cut down.

When I grew older, I of course discovered that it wasn’t just aesthetic value trees bring to us, but much more. Forests greatly assist in purifying water. They are a prime source of the very oxygen that we breathe—and an absorbing agent for excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. They stabilize soil and provide habitats for endless species of plant and animal life.

The Need for Protection

As our modern industrial age came upon us in the last century, trees became a cornerstone of our economy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in a way that allowed them to live; their wood became furniture, building material and even paper. Toward the end of the twentieth century mainstream society finally began to stand up and take notice that, as vast forests disappeared to feed hungry commercial machines, so disappeared the quality of our air, water, wildlife and climate.

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