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Open Road Media announces the publication of Rachel Carson’s Under the Sea Wind, The Sea Around Us, and The Sense of Wonder as ebooks in time for Earth Day 2011.

Award-winning author and green living expert for her time, Rachel Carson (1907–1964) is considered one of the greatest American natural history writers of the twentieth century. In addition to her environmental classic Silent Spring, her books include The Sense of Wonder , Under the Sea Wind, and The Sea Around Us—which has sold more than one million copies, been translated into twenty-eight languages, and won the National Book Award and John Burroughs Award. Environmentalists of all generations cite Carson as a source of inspiration and guidance; her work helped shape the modern environmental movement. Now, seventy years after Carson published her first book and brought conservation and environmentalism to the forefront of the cultural conversation, readers can buy three of her seminal works in the environmentally friendly e-format.

Extra content includes:

 The Sea Around Us          The Sense of Wonder          Under the Sea Wind

AVAILABLE 3/29/2011, Apple iBookstore,, Kobo Books, Overdrive, and Sony Reader Store

Under the Sea Wind

The Sea Around Us

AVAILABLE 4/19/2011, Apple iBookstore,, Kobo Books, Overdrive, and Sony Reader Store 

The Sense of Wonder

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