Along with the production of original vehicles, Li-ion Motors Corp, the company licenses its proprietary Battery Management System and technology to automobile manufactures seeking to advance their electric vehicle offerings.

The Inizio is a 100% electric supercar, capable of 170 MPH with acceleration from 0-60 MPH in 3.4 Seconds with ZERO EMISSION.  The Inizio has a 114 inch wheel-base and a 78 inch wide footprint with a 600 kw motor, equivalent to about 800 hp.  In addition to the Inizio, the WAVE II, a two seat all electric, zero emission commuter car with an impressive 202.5 MPGe, as determined by the Argonne National Lab (US Department of Energy) will also be showcased.

They better get some clearance to drive crazy in NYC but they probably got it covered.  Hey, if you don’t want a Tesla; maybe something else will be out there.

We need competition.  That expands the market of electric transportation and electric vehicles today.

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