Electric cars are just beginning to hit U.S. highways but, if the most recent Nielsen Energy Survey is any indication, they should receive a huge welcome. An overwhelming 85% of American consumers say they would be interested in purchasing a plug-in electric vehicle; either right away (3%), when their current car needs replacement (57%) or when the technology is proven and becomes mainstream (25%).

One consumer who won’t be waiting is MXenergy CEO Jeffrey Mayer. Mayer, head of one of the nation’s leading independent energy providers, was one of the first in line to order his “Victory Red” Chevy Volt.

“The Volt and other plug-in vehicles getting ready to hit showroom floors represents a huge step forward for the sustainability movement,” says Mayer. “The large scale production of electric cars is something many people feared might remain just a dream. I for one can’t wait to be a part of that dream becoming a reality.”

While U.S. drivers seem ready to embrace the electric car, they also have a strong preference as to the type of vehicle they prefer. 58% of customers prefer plug-in hybrid electric versions (PHEV) such as the Chevy Volt to electric-only models such as the Nissan Leaf. PHEV’s have a much greater range than their electric only counterparts. According to E Source, younger drivers are more willing to go to electric-only route with their vehicle choice.

Regardless of which version people prefer, Mayer says the greening of America’s highways is exciting to see.

“People realize we have to dramatically reduce our dependence on foreign oil and do all we can to lessen our environmental impact as well. The introduction of electric vehicles into the marketplace is a transformational moment for the automotive industry and the sustainability movement.”

Celebrating its twelfth anniversary this month, MXenergy has long been on the forefront of the sustainability movement. Created by Mayer in 1999, the company has continually strived to empower and educate customers to live more sustainable lives through carbon neutrality, the purchase of carbon offsets, renewable energy products and educational programming, in the form of MXenergyTV, an On Demand cable channel airing in the northeast United States.


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