Source: Relume Technologies

Relume Technologies, a leading manufacturer of light-emitting diode (LED) products and smart grid control systems for outdoor lighting applications, was chosen by the City of Ann Arbor to upgrade its existing street and area lighting to Relume’s VUE™ 150 LED streetlights. Installation of the first 250 LED fixtures is scheduled to begin almost immediately and will further reduce the City’s lighting expenses and carbon dioxide emissions.

The switch to Relume’s LED VUE fixtures is the next phase in the City’s goal to replace all its public lighting with cost effective, energy efficient LED lights. In 2008, Relume was chosen by Ann Arbor for its first large-scale LED installation project, converting 1,400 downtown streetlamps to Relume’s decorative LED globe fixtures. The installation resulted in a 65 percent reduction in energy consumption and a combined energy and maintenance savings of $130,000 annually.

“Ann Arbor was one of the first cities in the nation to begin converting its existing lighting systems to LED fixtures,” said Michael McClear, CEO for Relume. “We are excited to partner with the City once again to further its reputation as leader in the application of LED lighting.”

“The City of Ann Arbor selected the Relume VUE™ 150 because it has the most even light output, best thermal management and a proven track record with the City over the past four years,” said Chuck Fojtik, field operations supervisor for the City of Ann Arbor.VUE LED Streetlights

Relume’s new VUE™ family of street and roadway fixtures combine the latest in CREE LEDs, system electronics, thermal management, and optical design to make LED lighting a practical reality for street and roadway lighting applications.

The company’s LED outdoor lights use 40 percent of the electricity of conventional streetlights and last up to six times longer. The substantial savings in reduced energy and maintenance costs results in an average payback time on investment of less than four years. In addition, VUE™ fixtures contain no hazardous materials and are fully recyclable.

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