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Electric motorcycles have been around for quite some time.  Yet they haven’t gained the popularity they deserve. Moreover, the technology is there.  In addition, the benefits are clear.  However, the adoption rate is slower than expected. This article also explores the reasons behind the slow growth of the industry.

Government’s Role in electric motorcycle industry

One of the main reasons for the slow growth of the electric motorcycle industry is the government’s lack of support. The government’s regulations, subsidies, and incentives have a significant impact on the adoption rate of electric vehicles. According to a study published by the International Council on Clean Transportation, “government incentives and regulations play a key role in shaping the electric vehicle market.” However, most governments focus on electric cars and overlook the electric motorcycle industry, which limits the industry’s potential growth.

Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle
Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle

Lack of Charging Infrastructure



Another challenge facing the electric motorcycle industry is more importantly the lack of charging infrastructure. Electric motorcycles have a shorter range. Especially compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts.  Therefore, riders need to stop and also recharge more frequently. However, the availability of charging stations is limited. So this poses a significant challenge to the industry’s growth. According to a report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, “range anxiety and the lack of charging infrastructure remain major barriers to the adoption of electric motorcycles.”

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Perception of Motorcycles

The perception of motorcycles also plays a role in the slow growth of the electric motorcycle industry. Motorcycles are often associated with loud noise, gas fumes, and a rebellious lifestyle. The electric motorcycle industry challenges these perceptions, and this may be a barrier to adoption for some riders. According to Melissa Holbrook Pierson, the author of “The Perfect Vehicle: What It Is About Motorcycles,” “Motorcycles have always been about rebellion, about doing something your mother wouldn’t approve of. And electric motorcycles aren’t rebellious.”


The electric motorcycle industry has the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry. However, the lack of government support, charging infrastructure, and the perception of motorcycles as rebellious machines are holding the industry back. To overcome these challenges, the industry needs to educate consumers, develop more efficient batteries, and work closely with governments to create policies that support the adoption of electric motorcycles.


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