In 1993, Jamie Pollack took her first breath on Scuba underwater where she was preparing for her diving certification and she knew she was hooked. From then on, her world opened up and her passion was always for any creature living beneath the sea. For 17 years she has traveled the world diving and even in that short time span, she has witnessed the devastation of the ocean.

With 15 years of experience in advertising and graphic design, I have developed and produced brand identity and marketing materials for various corporations. I am a hands-on designer with management experience and have worked closely with account directors, copywriters and other designers to create and produce innovative solutions.
Her Personal Website Shows Her Great Beauty!  Plus fighting for the sharks is beautiful too.  So, Jamie is beautiful two times over!

To roll up my sleeves and get right in
All things chocolate
Scuba diving with sharks

People that do not work together
Bad design

Jamie once saw a film called Sharkwater, which changed her life and was kind of the beginning of the end.

In this film, the viewer was taken on a journey that portrayed the sharks’ plight and its destruction. So she was moved to do something. And she did. Along with 5 other scuba divers and environmentalists, she co-founded Shark Savers, a grassroots conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of sharks through awareness, education and action.

So, since October 2009 Pollack has been working as the New York State Representative with the Pew Charitable Trusts on a Federal Fisheries Reform Project to end overfishing in the Mid-Atlantic and on a Global Conservation campaign. For these campaigns she activates community and business leaders to advance environmental change.

She busts it out with members of Congress to encourage the implementation of fishery management law and she develops support by engaging local community leaders through local events and presentations.

Jamie can do this since she has a background is in advertising, client management and graphic design. She studied art at Hofstra University and Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. She has worked in the business world for 15 years, gaining valuable experience building brands and creating marketing strategies for clients in the financial, retail and non-profit industries. She now uses this expertise to further her commitment to the oceans.

Jamie juggles her love of design and her passion for conservation. She still works as a freelance designer ( creating websites and marketing materials, primarily working with ocean oriented organizations and non-profits. Jamie loves meeting new people and speaking about conservation to anyone who will listen.

If you are interested in helping to save sharks, go to and become an angel, like Shark Angels on Facebook or email her at

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