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Source: UPS (NYSE: UPS)

UPS has joined the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), the preeminent industry association dedicated to advancing electric drive as a core technology on the road to sustainable mobility.

“Investment in alternative fuels and innovative research cuts costs, benefits the environment, creates American jobs and moves the country towards energy security,” said Mike Hance, Vice President Automotive Engineering and Operations.”It’s not the wave of the future, it’s what the present demands and what makes good business sense. Our partnership with EDTA is yet another step in working together with industry and policy experts to explore every option and to solve one of the nation’s biggest transportation problems.”

As the unified voice for the electric drive industry, EDTA’s membership includes a diverse representation of vehicle and equipment manufacturers, energy providers, component suppliers and end users. EDTA supports the sustainable commercialization of all electric drive transportation technologies by providing in-depth information, public policy advocacy, education, industry networking and international conferences and exhibitions.

“We are very pleased to welcome UPS, a leader in alternative fleets, as an EDTA member,” said EDTA President Brian Wynne. “In joining EDTA, UPS will be working with others at the forefront of the industry to lead the charge for electric drive infleets and across the transportation sector.”

From the introduction of its first electric vehicles in 1935 to the establishment of the industry’s first sustainability report in 2003, UPS has consistently paved a path of innovation and growth potential in the environmental and energy security arena. UPS’s overall alternative fuel fleet includes; electric, hydraulic hybrid, electric hybrid, propane, and natural gas. UPS believes success depends on a balance of economic prosperity, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

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