Zotos International, Inc. announced today that all of the company’s corporate offices as well as its manufacturing operations are now carbon neutral. Working with Verus Carbon Neutral, Zotos has offset 100 percent of its Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its manufacturing plant in Geneva, NY as well as its offices in Darien, CT; Arcadia, CA; and Rosemont, IL. With a carbon footprint of 7,430 metric tons, Zotos is one of the first U.S. companies in the beauty industry to completely neutralize their operations.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scope 1 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are direct, from sources that are owned or controlled by a company, including fossil fuels burned on site and emissions from vehicles. Scope 2 GHG emissions are indirect, resulting from electricity, heat or steam generated off site but purchased by a company.

“Zotos should be held up as a model, not only the beauty industry, but for all manufacturers in the United States,” said Andrew Keenan, a Partner at Verus Carbon Neutral. “They’re taking responsibility for the emissions they are creating today and have an excellent plan in place to significantly reduce their carbon footprint in the future.”

Zotos is supporting the following initiatives, helping to reduce carbon emissions locally and globally:

“We are proud to have achieved this designation from Verus Carbon Neutral,” said Anthony Perdigao, Zotos Chief Sustainability Officer. “It has always been our goal to better the environment and we are looking forward to becoming a leader in sustainable business practices within the beauty industry.”



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