Founded in 2006, Trellis is an early established innovator in bioplastics and sustainable food service packing and plastic bags with over 100 SKUs and integrated branding, manufacturing and distribution selling to major retail chains and corporations in the U.S. Trellis products employ a proprietary blend of biomass and conventional polymers for a lower blended average cost of materials. For more information please visit Trellis website:

Though in its infancy, the bioplastics industry is growing quickly and the addressable global market for biodegradable/compostable bioplastics is enormous.  According to BCC Research, the global market for bioplastics was about 570 million pounds in 2009 and is forecast to increase to 1.2 billion pounds in 2012, representing an almost 18% annual growth rate over the three year period. Some predict that the global market for bioplastics could reach $20 billion by the end of 2020.    

Bioplastics, or organic plastics, are made from renewable resources and native plant starches such as corn, tapioca, wheat and potatoes, as well as cane sugar and soy, rather than oil. In an age troubled by global warming, energy security, and depletion of fossil fuels, bioplastics offer many benefits, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, dependence on fossil fuels, and minimizing toxic waste in the environment. Bioplastics are produced from annually renewable resources, generate 70% less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastics, and many are fully compostable in a matter of months.

Within the $1 billion per month disposable plastic products market in U.S., over 98% of products are still being made from conventional plastics.  However, bioplastics adoption is growing as costs come down and production methods are refined. Trellis Earth Products, a pioneer in creating and branding sustainable food service packing and plastic bags that range from 30% biomass to 100% biomass and various tiers in between. The Company has integrated this knowledge into the process of compounding and extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming and film blowing entirely in-house.  

Trellis has filed a provisional patent on a new proprietary blend of biomass to create deliware that behaves like traditional plastic with the same manufacturing economies of scale and is water proof and food-contact safe, yet is entirely petroleum free and priced significantly lower than oil-based plastics.  This technology could also be applied to other bioplastic products. Once commercialized, more and more businesses will be able to switch to bioplastics and effectively “Go Green for Free.”

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