Stowe Mountain Lodge, and the centerpiece of environmentally conscience which is Stowe Mountain Resort.

Governor Awards

The Vermont Governor’s Awards were established in 1993. Awarding Vermonters conserving and protecting. For that’s not just natural resources and preventing pollution but also promoting environmental sustainability.

The award also considers seven crucial environmental factors. For that’s including benefits to the environment, health and safety benefits.
Since opening its doors in 2008, Stowe Mountain Lodge has been dedicated to practices and programs.

In addition, Stowe Mountain Lodge is constantly evolving and striving. Moreover to uphold the highest possible standards for environmental excellence.

Every Detail

So Stowe Mountain Lodge has kept the environment at the forefront of their planning and development.  The luxury lodge has also spared no expense. For that’s investing in products that save energy and resources over time.

I mean including a state-of-the-art lighting and also one heck of a climate control system. Look folks, I even mean this climate control system adjusts automatically. All depending on the number of people using any particular public space of the hotel. Let’s not forget low-flow toilets and showerheads in all our guest rooms and use of micro-fiber sheets. That’s because those sheets use less water to wash and less energy to dry.

André Blais

Through the lodge’s aggressive environmental efforts, led by Destination Earth champion André Blais. With Blais the luxury mountainside hotel was able to obtain several environmental awards. That’s in its short 3 year existence.  The lodge was named “Favorite New Green Retreat” by Travel + Leisure. It’s also an Audubon International Sanctuary.

Blais has also implemented and led a variety of the lodge’s environmental programs. For that’s also including a waste composting program. One which has also diverted a high percentage of the hotel’s waste.

Finally and for more information on Stowe Mountain Lodge’s environmental efforts, please visit

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