Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC) recently called on GE Lighting, in conjunction with CCG Energy Solutions. For that’s to create a lighting equation that would result in better quality light. Also and lower energy and life-cycle maintenance costs. Part of a $2.6 mOutdoor LED Lightingillion comprehensive energy project, the school’s campus underwent a lighting upgrade that included state-of-the-art outdoor GE Evolve™ LED Area Lights, rooftop daylighting panels with automatic dimming, and new high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures utilizing UltraMax® ballasts and Watt-Miser® extended life lamps throughout the building. In addition to the lighting improvements, mechanical upgrades with HVAC controls and a new building automation system were implemented to provide savings of more than $200,000 annually.

Saving $200,000 annually

Some of the most notable changes to the campus are its 215,000-square-foot parking lot, walkways and long, winding driveway that now feature more evenly distributed white light while minimizing energy consumption, disposal cost and light pollution. The original 400-watt and 250-watt metal halide “shoeboxes” were converted to 218-watt and 70-watt Evolve LEDs, which deliver 52 percent in energy savings and provide an estimated 10-year service life (50,000-hour rated life), which is four times the recommended service interval of a standard High Intensity Discharge (HID) system.

“The new LEDs direct their light more efficiently, which means less reflected light and improved utilization for a positive impact on property appearance, security and pedestrian visibility,” says Mary Beth Gotti, manager of the GE Lighting & Electrical Institute.

40 percent energy savings

The campus retrofit also included upgrades to the fluorescent lighting systems inside the buildings. That’s including high-efficiency light fixtures in the drop ceilings. The combination of UltraMax electronic ballasts and energy-efficient T8 Watt-Miser lamps. For they provide optimal lamp performance and significant cost savings. That’s up to 40 percent over standard ballasted T12 systems. The high 5,000 Kelvin-rated lamps also offer a bright light output. It also produces a crisp, clean illumination important to the educational setting.

“Schools today require lighting products that allow for creativity and energy efficiency,” says Gotti. “Our lighting technology helps eliminate mercury disposal. It also meets waste reduction legislation. One that helps schools achieve better light levels. All the while to enhance learning for students. Especially and staff too. Then minimizing energy and waste consumption. Especially to improve the environment and the bottom line.”

Source: General Electric

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