According to NRDC, UAW and NWF, they have “identified an error in a report the groups issued on Tuesday, August 9, 2011”, “Supplying Ingenuity: US Suppliers of Clean, Fuel Efficient Vehicle Technologies”. In the report, the jobs in North Carolina were overestimated. The actual number is 5,928.

The new figure brings to 151,168 the total number of U.S. workers at automotive suppliers that make components for clean, fuel-efficient vehicles.

U.S. suppliers of clean, fuel efficient vehicle technologies can play a key role in the expansion of the auto industry in America and foster significant job growth. As the United States recovers from the recent global economic turmoil, the automotive industry is again becoming profitable. Consumers, however, are still reeling from financial pressures, and want cars and light trucks that travel farther on a gallon of fuel and save them money at the pump. The auto industry is meeting this demand by using new, innovative technologies that simultaneously improve fuel economy and cut carbon pollution.

The first significant advances in fuel economy standards for both cars and light trucks in more than 20 years coupled with the first-ever carbon pollution standards (which apply to models built in 2012 to 2016) are fomenting formidable changes in the automotive industry. Further changes in these standards, currently under consideration by the Obama Administration, will have an even more dramatic impact on the future direction and competitiveness of the auto industry in the United States, and, indeed, on the economic growth of the entire country.

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