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According to the 2010 Princeton Review, 64% of prospective college students take auniversity’s commitment to environmental issues into consideration to go into college!  You Colleges my company can help ya go green!!  Anyway, Students care deeply about green issues and are attracted to institutions that are working hard to solve environmental problems.

In its fifth run, Sierra magazine of the Sierra Club did the rankings on their review of all the data.  They chose the greenness and determined the schools, programs, students, professors and courses showing a true commitment to immersive learning, greening their campuses and practices environmental responsibility.

In 2011, the University of Washington and 40,000+ students, rose to the top of the rankings due to their:

The 2011 Top 10 Coolest Green Schools are:

1.    University of Washington (Seattle, WA)  

2.    Green Mountain College (Poultney, VT)

3.    University of California, San Diego (San Diego, CA)

4.    Warren Wilson College (Asheville, NC)

5.    Stanford University (Stanford, CA)

6.    University of California, Irvine (Irvine, CA)

7.    University of California, Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA)

8.    University of California, Davis (Davis, CA)

9.    Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA)

10. Middlebury College (Middlebury, VT)

Source: Sierra Magazine

Courtesy of UC San Diego. UCSD’s cogeneration plant provides up to 85 percent of the school’s electricity and heats more than 6 million square feet of building interiors. It earned the Tritons the EPA’s 2010 Energy Star award. Above, solar panels shade the campus’s Hopkins parking structure.ine.  They wanted me to add::

What school banned plastic water bottles?  Which University intends to be carbon neutral by 2016?  Check out for the full rankings.

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