Earth Advantage Institute and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance have produced a series of case studies that illustrate successful implementation of the “Ducts Inside” strategy, where the air handler and all ductwork are located inside the conditioned space of a new home. This practice can reduce home energy use by 15-20 percent compared to typical HVAC installations. The studies are designed to inform designers, architects, builders and subcontractors about the benefits and challenges of best practices for building with ducts inside.

The case studies were selected to represent diversity in the residential marketplace, including urban infill, suburban, one-story, two-story, custom, speculative, and production-built homes. These Northwest builders, located in either marine or cold climates, are certifying their homes to one or more green certification standards: ENERGY STAR®, Earth Advantage®, LEED® for Homes, BuiltGreen®, or NAHBGreen®.

Builders loved getting into these jobs on Green Buildings.  They liked the work that it entailed and it was a perfect match and successful job.  This happened to pretty much all the contractors surveyed

Thery were getting them done.  Working on the sheet rock and fleul duct work.  I have done it in my own home and it’s awesome stuff.

They also had problems connecting with the builders in the crowd.  I GET IT!!!  I DO!!  Most builders do not know about this stuff and don’t know where to go.  Go to my book Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits. Then apply it to this issue!!

The case studies can be found at Builders, architects and HVAC professionals may also sign up at the site for live training at selected sites or for self-paced online training.

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