The latest options in clay brick offer increasingly green benefits for more sustainable homes that can help homeowners save on major household costs. From abundant natural resources and manufactured with virtually no waste, brick helps lower energy costs and upkeep through a maintenance-free exterior that offers superior durability, moisture control, termite resistance, proven stability and enduring beauty. Often incorporating recycled content, brick options including exterior, interior and landscaping features increase sustainability while meeting the highest green building criteria.

“As a versatile building material made from abundant natural resources, brick delivers on all fronts,” said Brick Industry Association (BIA) President and CEO Gregg Borchelt, P.E. “Brick’s flexibility and inherent green benefits help builders and architects achieve maximum sustainability and greater homeowner value with reduced environmental impact,” he said.

The latest options for greater sustainability and savings through brick include:

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Ambius, , the global plantscaping leader, was honored to receive eleven awards, including the prestigious Judges award for best in show, recognizing the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and professionalism in the interior plantscaping industry at the 19th annual PIA Interior Plantscape Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet at the Plantscape Industry Expo 2011 on September 1st, 2011 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The awards celebrated Ambius’ work for a diverse array of clients which included shopping centers, commercial buildings, cruise ships and health care facilities.

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