Carmanah Technologies (TSX: CMH) is pleased to announce that the City of Los Angeles has selected Carmanah EverGEN 1710 solar powered lights to light a popular bicycle path. The EverGEN 1710 was selected because of the customizable operating profiles the systems offers which allow the City to more closely deliver light on the path when people are actually using it. The total project is valued at approximately $500,000 (USD).

The bike path was previously lit using traditional grid-powered AC HID fixtures. However due to a reoccurring issue of copper theft, the trail was often left in the dark. Officials at the City of Los Angeles were concerned with providing lighting for security and usability purposes, but did not want to continually have to replace stolen copper wire. Working together with local lighting agent, David Silverman & Associates and Carmanah, The City discovered that solar powered lights were the ideal solution.

According to Kerney Marine, Los Angeles City Project Manager, “The Carmanah EverGEN lights offered us exactly what we needed. The systems put out light levels that meet the IES specified lighting requirements, and the integrated design with all the electronics, batteries, solar panels, and luminaire at the top of the pole makes the systems very theft resistant. We will be using a variety of different operating profiles along the entire stretch of the bike path to deliver the required light where and when needed, so people can continue to enjoy the space safely.”

Ted Lattimore, CEO of Carmanah stated, “The City of Los Angeles is a leader in the deployment of energy efficient lighting technologies. They previously have demonstrated their commitment and leadership to energy efficiency by using hardwired LED lights from such companies as BETA Led. With the installation of the EverGEN 1710 systems along the bike path, they are expanding their “lead-by-example” behaviour into the solar lighting realm.”

Source: Cavanaugh Technologies

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