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An average of 38,700 fog-related crashes occur each year, resulting in 16,300 injured persons and 600 fatalities.  That is why Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit restores yellowed and hazy headlights to their original crystal-clear and scratch-free finish.

“I often compare having hazy headlights to having poor vision.  You don’t really realize how bad it is until you get glasses,” said Mark Shore, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Quixx Care System.  “Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit can restore up to 95% of a headlight’s original clarity and light performance*, renewing a key safety feature of your vehicle.”

Distracted animals often wander into traffic, leading to collisions that endanger and even kill drivers, passengers and animals.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calculates that collisions between automobiles and deer are responsible for approximately $1.1 billion in property damage every year.

We are serious about raising the awareness of this important safety feature of your vehicle,” said Mark Shore, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, QUIXX Care System.  “Driving with clear headlights can save your life and the lives of innocent animals,” adds Shore.”

Help QUIXX Protect National Wildlife

QUIXX donated $1 to Wildlife Forever for every person who bought the kit, liked their Facebook Page and/or followed Quixx on Twitter from September 12, 2011 through December 21, 2011.  For more information, visit

“As habitat changes, vehicle collisions with wildlife continue to rise.  Any product that helps to protect us and saves our natural resources is a win-win conservation model,” said Douglas Grann, President and CEO, Wildlife Forever.  “I wish I had used Quixx products years ago when a too close encounter with whitetail deer on a foggy night could have been avoided.  Wildlife Forever is proud to work with Quixx on this partnership that protects our members, neighbors and wildlife for future generations.”

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