Smart Buildings are the next generation of commercial and industrial facilities that utilize advanced automation and integration to measure, monitor, control, and optimize building operations and maintenance.

As I have seen in buildings that manage their energy efficiently, they use similar Smart Building Energy Analytics.  It’s a type of software that brings heightened visibility into facility operations and maintenance to enable a new level of sophistication in building management, providing an interface that enables adaptive, real-time control for optimizing building and asset performance for improved energy efficiency.

“The Smart Building Energy Analytics market is changing rapidly and will continue to mature and evolve in the near term. These applications are increasingly becoming valuable investments as facility managers and owners look for cost-effective, innovative solutions to drive down costs and achieve corporate goals tied to energy management,” says Casey Talon, research analyst, IDC Energy Insights. “Facility managers and owners must evaluate their goals and determine the appropriate scope of data analysis and level of control they want to transfer to third-party software and services providers, based on the configuration of their building management systems.”

Energy’s transformation from a fixed to a variable cost of commercial building management has prompted an evolution in facilities management in which stakeholders across organizations are taking on new roles in energy management. Building managers, information technology personnel, and the C-suite are collaborating to achieve a wide array of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and budgetary goals by investing in Smart Building initiatives, bringing a new level of transparency and control over energy consumption.

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