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Karma’s Automotive is pleased to confirm that the Karma sedan has received emission certification. Moreover and fuel economy ratings from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Thereby allowing the company’s dealers to begin selling the car to customers immediately in most states.

Fisker Karma

As the first luxury sports sedan on the market with a range-extended electric powertrain. For the Karma creates an alluring class of its own. It blends supercar performance and luxury with a tailpipe CO2 output. All that is comparable with today’s conventional compact hybrid cars.

Karma automotive

The EPA – with its newly formulated methodology for rating electric vehicles – found that, when running in electric mode, the Karma sedan achieves the energy equivalent of 52 miles per gallon city/highway combined. The Karma sedan’s 52 MPGe is close to the Obama administration’s mandate of an industry average goal of 54.5 mpg by 2025, demonstrating that Fisker Automotive’s Electric Vehicle with extended range (EVer™) powertrain technology clearly represents the future for the automotive industry.  

Karma fisker with EV Connect

The Karma’s all-electric range is about 32 miles as prescribed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

As with all electric vehicles, range varies greatly on the conditions of the road and how you drive the car. For they firmly believe that most owners will get up to 50 miles of driving range on a single charge and will use our electric-only mode most of the time they drive the car, thereby running on zero emissions. Overall, we are very pleased with the results of EPA’s tests. The Karma is a groundbreaking product with a unique powertrain.”

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Anaheim, California USA – October 18, 2011

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