This week, Honeydrop, the leading producer of natural teas and beverages made with a tablespoon of honey, is proud to announce their “Buy a Bottle – Save a Bee” Campaign, an initiative established to help local beekeepers maintain and build new beehives, in an effort to fight against Colony Collapse Disorder.

Founded in 2009 by Brooklyn-based CEO David Luks after a battle with cancer lead him to learn about living a natural lifestyle, David discovered the extraordinary health benefits of honey and built his company based on the simple idea of offering consumers a flavorful and healthful drink that is derived from the land, not the lab.  

In the Tri-State area, Honeydrop partners with Andrew Coté of Silvermine Apiary ( for their all-natural honey. Coté has been keeping bees since he was a child, and is also the founder of Bees Without Borders, a non-profit organization that teaches proper beekeeping techniques and practices to communities overseas. Andrew manages over 200 hives and runs a family beekeeping business based in Fairfield County, CT. Every Wednesday, Andrew can be found selling his honey in the Union Square Greenmarket.

Through “Buy a Bottle – Save a Bee,” Coté will receive a portion of the proceeds from every bottle of Honeydrop sold in the area.

Source: HoneyDrop

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