National Geographic’s 360 Energy Diet, Round 3 Begins!

To what lengths are we willing to go to reduce our carbon footprints and lead healthier lives? Thanks to the bloggers of National Geographic’s 360° Energy Diet, we just might have the answer.

Now entering its third round this year, the 360° Energy Diet has inspired households around the world to share their most effective ways to reduce energy usage. Earlier this year, one participant stuck to a temporary vegetarian diet for an entire week despite being caught in the middle of the Egyptian revolution. Another blogger in Portugal tried “eco-parenting” by switching to reusable cloth diapers for her baby.

360 Energy Diet bloggers are expected to check off as many steps as they can on the checklist. But this time around, there are a couple of new twists. First, National Geographic will track participants by country and ask them to address the energy challenges that are unique to where they live. Second, anyone registered on the diet will be allowed to guest post.

Since going live, the third round of the energy diet has seen a number of participants from around the world – including Portugal, England, Canada and South Africa – that are ready to make positive changes in their lives. You can visit the 360° Energy Diet blog each week to follow each participant’s progress.

The 360° Energy Diet is part of The Great Energy Challenge, an important three-year National Geographic initiative designed to help all of us better understand the breadth and depth of our current energy situation.

Source: National Geographic