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Recycled precious metals and Donna Distefano Ltd are one in the same. It has been committed to using recycled precious metal. That’s for more than 15 years. She’s always looking for ways to minimize the impact of goldsmithing on the planet.

Moreover Distefano chooses to use pure gold supplied by refiners rather than miners. That means Donna can then create custom high-karat gold alloys herself.

Thanks to my sponsor Donna Distefano. The Greenest Goldsmith I know.
Thanks to my sponsor Donna Distefano. The Greenest Goldsmith I know.

“Mining creates literally tons of environmental waste”, says Distefano.

As we know, there is plenty of gold. I mean already in circulation. So that’s why I use recycled gold; as well as recycled precious metals. It’s so we can diminish our impact on the environment. I mean just a little bit more.Donna DiStefano

In addition, Stephanie March Is a Supporter of Donna Distefano.

Donna also began incorporating charitable donations as a core value of her business. That’s back in 1996 by designing and marketing a rosary.  It’s called Truth for God s Love We Deliver.

Stephanie March from Law and Order is an advisory board member of OneKid OneWorld. So Stephanie visits places like the Nyamasare Girls Secondary School in Suba, Kenya. All in order to give direct assistance to students in need.

Donna DiStefano Working with Recycled precious metals
Fair Trade Jeweler Donna DiStefano

Over the past five years, Distefano has increased the reach of her “Giving Back” program. That’s by hosting events for Women for Women International. In addition, the Environmental Defense Fund and OneKid OneWorld.

By donating jewelry for fundraisers, hosting events in her New York City atelier, and pledging a percentage of profits from the sale of dedicated designs, Distefano has raised awareness and aid for those who need it most.

Donna is a Sponsor of the Green Living Guy!

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