The third-annual Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival, which will be held Feb. 24 to March 2nd in Gainesville, FL, announces its initial lineup for the 2012 festival. The full roster will be announced soon.

“We’re thrilled to be entering into our 3rdannual festival with such a supportive and ever-expanding audience,” said Trish Riley, Founding Director of Cinema Verde. “We’re moving into an era that’s requiring more environmental conservation and sustainability than ever, and what better way to get the message across than presenting environmental causes in artful and entertaining ways,” she continued.

This year’s initial lineup includes the following films, many of which will be sending directors or principals to talk with audiences:

CINEMA VERDE will offer numerous events during this year’s festival that include the screening of more than 25 environmental films, and short submissions from national high school students and international college students, an Eco-Art Walk on Feb. 24th that includes a variety of local galleries and artisans, an informational Eco Fair from Feb. 25-26, expert speakers including filmmaker and environmentalist Peter Jay Brown (CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society longest serving crew member), Matt Briggs, director of Deep Green, artist J. Henry Fair, world musician TonyVacca, plus many others. Vintage Verde, a recycled fashion show will feature thrift shop finds from local shops. Expert speakers from the local community and the University of Florida will complement our national guest speakers.

The event will be held at Villa East, 301 N Main Street in Gainesville. Food and beverages will be offered by Celebrations Catering. Cinema Verde will set up the Villa East banquet hall as a theater so patrons can enjoy dinner and a movie during the festival.  

Filmmakers and directors from all over the world will be present during the screenings and for Q&As.

VIP passes, which allow purchasers access to half or all of the films plus special events such as the VIP Opening Night Reception on Feb. 24 and the Awards Night and Wrap Party on March 2, are available for $50 (half-access, 12 films) and $100 (full-access, all films). General admission is $7 and $5 for students, seniors and children.

CINEMA VERDE provides the perfect opportunity for audiences of all kinds to celebrate the beauty and art that comes from nature that is vital to the survival of all living beings on planet Earth, and for those who are suffering through winter in various parts of the world, there is no better time of year to visit sunny Florida.

About Cinema Verde

Cinema Verde is an environmental film and arts festival focused on the promotion of sustainability and green living. The third-annual Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival is a production of organization’s mission is to showcase natural resources, workshops and other educational activities for community organizations, local businesses and citizens in order to create sustainable solutions for the future.

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