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Fii-Foil® Company has announced its insulation for CMU block walls meets the new ENERGY STAR version 3 (and 3.1) for new home construction, which took effect Jan. 1, 2012. Fi-Foil’s insulation products for exterior block walls will also assist the builder and remodeler to cost effectively meet the newest 2010 version of the Florida Energy Code, which will go into effect in March 2012.

Under the ENERGY STAR for Homes program, homes must be a minimum of 15% to 30% more energy efficient compared to homes meeting the minimum requirements of the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Fi-Foil worked with representatives from ENERGY STAR and with a third-party engineering firm, R&D Services of Cookeville, Tennessee, to assess its products for compliance. The review was concluded in October 2011. According to R&D’s David W. Yarbrough, Phd. PE, “Masonry wall assemblies with Fi-Foil’s R-4.1 reflective insulation installed on nominal 1-by-2-inch wood furring or Fi-Foil’s R-7 reflective insulation installed on nominal 2-by-2-inch wood furring satisfies the ‘mass wall’ requirements for ENERGY STAR version 3.“

Meanwhile, the products already assist builders, energy raters and others that are part of a LEED for Homes 2008 project team seeking to achieve a minimum HERS Rating of 85 or greater for certification of a dwelling through the LEED green building rating system.

Fi-Foil products for CMU block walls include the AA2 Vapor Shield and M-Shield both with an R-Value of 4.1 for ¾” furring strips, and VR Plus Shield with an R-Value of 7.0 for 1 ½” wood furring strips or 1 5/8” metal hat channel. These reflective insulation products have the lowest installed cost per R-value compared to other insulation products, benefitting the builder; and provide annual savings in heating and cooling expenses for homebuyers.

Fi-Foil’s representatives will be available at Booth No. W983 during the International Builders Show from February 8 to February 11 to assist building project teams with an insulation solution for Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) block walls and other applications. The energy and environmental consulting firm, SkyeTec, will be available at Fi-Foil’s booth for further details about the requirements for Builders who are seeking compliance with the new ENERGY STAR 2012, the new building codes, and current and forthcoming 2012 versions of green building rating programs. A SkyeTec representative will be at the Fi-Foil Booth No. W983 at the following times:

Wednesday, Feb. 8, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Thursday, Feb. 9, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Friday, Feb. 10, from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition to single-family and multi-family residential applications, reflective insulation is also an excellent cost-effective solution for masonry wall construction in commercial buildings, especially projects subject to increasingly stricter, energy efficient building envelopes, such as LEED, Green Globes, Florida Green Building Coalition and other green building rating programs, as well as local, regional and national code requirements.

Source: Fi-Foil

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