In less than 120 days, world leaders will gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Rio+20 Earth Summit, also known as the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is taking a major role in advocating for action at the June 20-22 Earth Summit and in the lead-up to the international conference. 

In NRDC’s view, the time for treaties and agreements has passed. We’re now in a global race for action on climate change and sustainability issues, and our leaders must act.

NRDC launched a Web site that lays out our priorities for the Earth Summit. In a blog from UN meetings taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, NRDC Global Strategy & Advocacy director explains what’s behind the new Web site and why the need for action is clear.

As you’ll see at, NRDC is advocating for:

-ACTIONS AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Leaders from government, business, and civil society must promise in Rio to take specific measurable actions now to meet sustainability goals. The United Nations, meanwhile, should tap into the power of information technology to create a web-based “cloud of commitments” that will enable citizens around the world to see these promises and hold their leaders accountable. For a mock-up of such a Web-based global registry tool, see the Actions and Accountability section at

-CLEAN ENERGY AND GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTIONS: We must phase out harmful fossil fuel subsidies, scale up renewable energy, improve energy efficiency and phase out super greenhouse gases like hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

-OCEAN PROTECTIONS: We must do more to protect our high seas, curb ocean acidification and stop plastic pollution in our oceans.

-GREEN ECONOMY AND JOBS: We must begin considering environmental costs into national and corporate accounting. We must also improve training programs for young people who are key to leading a clean energy revolution.

NRDC has an experienced team of advocates on its race to Rio+20 team. 

Click on the links below for bios and blogs of NRDC’s Race to Rio+20 team:

Jacob Scherr, Director, Global Strategy & Advocacy

Lisa Speer, Director, International Oceans Program
Michael Davidson, US-China Climate Policy Coordinator 
Anjali Jaiswal, Staff Attorney, India Initiative

Leila Monroe, Staff Attorney, Oceans Program

Carolina Herrera, Latin America Advocate

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