Many of us are used to suffering through the seasons in our homes – bundling up in blankets and slippers when it’s freezing outside, and running the fan and sleeping with open windows at night during the hot summers.

We chalk it up to something we just need to deal with as part of the changing seasons, but the reality is – we don’t.

More often than not, the problem isn’t the outdoor temperatures at all, but the way our homes are working (or in these cases – not working) for us.

Adam Duke, 24, and Jacob Smith, 23, are the founders of Go Green Energy Consulting ( – a company dedicated to improving the comfort factor in clients’ homes by scientifically pinpointing the ways homes are losing energy, and developing smart, customized solutions using sustainable and locally made materials.

According to Duke, homeowners often waste thousands of dollars trying to fix their heating and cooling problems by replacing their windows, bulking up their insulation or even purchasing larger furnaces, but often a unique combination of issues are the culprit – each home requiring a comprehensive assessment and not just the quick fixes that contractors may make.

The team at Go Green conducts home audits that determine why clients’ homes are not comfortable (extremely cold rooms, incredibly hot second stories, drafty areas, etc.) and, in the process, why their utility bills are so high. They utilize innovative technology, including infra-red cameras, specialized blowers and smoke sticks to assess the home, and leave no nook and cranny un-inspected. After the audit, a Go Green consultant sits down with the homeowner to explain the findings, and offer customized solutions.

A by-product of Go Green’s work is that less fossil fuel needs to be burned while heating or cooling a home, which helps protects the environment. Homeowners have found that they save as much as $1200 a year on their energy bills, and can feel good about using less energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Additionally, many energy companies are currently offering rebates on audits.

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