Nissan is going telematics and helping provide hot spots while driving the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle for Japanese baseball spring training camp in 2012, “Camploo – okinawa! Campaign 2012”, organized by JTB Okinawa.

With an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) system designed for the Leaf EV to be connected 24-7.

The NISSAN CARWINGS Data Center (the Leaf’s Hal) information control center, and the onboard Telematics Communication Unit (TCU). This information is provided to NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. and then Nissan LEAF rental car*1 drivers receive information via a dedicated tablet PC about local information surrounding the route they are driving. This includes discounts to spots for the family a s only fun times for all.

Also with a special tablet PC, rental car customers can use remote-control functions of Nissan LEAF such as remote climate control and battery status functionalities that currently is provided only to owners.

*1: Nissan LEAF used as rental cars in “LEAF de Camploo – Plan”
*2: It is based on handling of personal information by Nissan. For details, please visit Nissan official website (

“Camploo – okinawa! Campaign 2012”

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