April 22, 2012 —- Los Angeles, CA ——Repurpose® Compostables, creators of premium, eco-friendly food service products, based in Los Angeles, is pleased to announce the release of their plant based, clear cups for cold beverages and heat resistant cutlery. Traditional plastic cups and cutlery are made from oil but Repurpose Compostable’s products are made from plants. Repurpose’s mission is to eliminate single use plastics from the environment and help consumers easily incorporate eco-friendly, sustainable products into their lives. The high performance clear cups are BPA free, non-toxic, and made from annually renewable resources using Ingeo™ resin. The durable cutlery is also made from Ingeo™ resin, is heat resistant up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and won’t bend, break, or melt, giving consumers the same performance as the plastic products they are used to. Perfect for parties, picnics, Repurposesporting events or anywhere disposables are needed; consumers now have the convenience of single use product while still lessening their impact on the environment. The cups and cutlery will compost in 90 days in a commercial composter offering the most efficient end of life option for disposables.

Repurpose Compostables clear cups will be available to consumers in 12 and 16 oz sizes in packs of 20 and 50. Cutlery will be available in boxes of 24 forks, 24 knives and 24 spoons as well as in a 24 count mixed pack with 8 of each item. Products will be available at Abesmarket.com, Amazon.com, and Gelsons in Southern California.

Repurpose 12oz Cold Cup: 20 pack/ $3.49 & 50 pack/$6.59
Repurpose 16oz Cold Cup: 20 pack/ $3.99 & 50 pack/$6.99
Repurpose Cutlery: 24 count packs/$2.69

“We are excited to be extending the Repurpose line to consumers with our clear cups and cutlery,” said Lauren Gropper, Chief Executive Officer of Repurpose Compostables. “The cups and cutlery look and feel like the traditional cups and cutlery consumers are used to but by using plants we are lessening the amount of C02 generated each year and offering people the comfort of knowing their cup isn’t made of petroleum.”

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