Great Review About Build Your Own Small Wind Power System

Paul Gipe who is considered an expert in the wind power biz wrote a really great review about my Green Guru Guide book Build Your Own Small Wind Power System.  As some of you might know it was written by a small wind systems and turbine dealer, Kevin Shea, and journalist, Brian Clark Howard.  He co-authored the book Green Lighting with Bill Brinsky and I.

As Paul starts off he says:

Be forewarned, this is a big book. It’s a modern book. It uses all the techniques necessary to keep modern readers attentive: sidebars, bullet points, and copious illustrations.

He adds:  

There has been a slew of new books in the past few years on small wind. So many it has been hard to keep up with them all-and admittedly I am not keeping up. (I have had this book on the shelf for at least six months.) Some are by pros, such as Ian Woofenden, and some are by professional writers, such as Dan Chiras. This is one of the first by both.

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