Turn E conversions has the most amazing photos to help describe the manufacturing process. I’ve never seen such art in my life. It’s beautiful.

To be fully honest, part of my definite moves to make this next edition of the book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle was to tell an extra 1-2,000 words per page of a photo. So I really recommend checking out Turn E conversions website.

Why? It’s simple actually.

Some of the pages had comments from Bob Brandt that made total sense. Why change it? Really? No! Add a photo to clearly describe the words and make that interconnection of a photo with explaining text to back it up.  It’s unreal what this third edition is going to do. For it’s totally intended to make it easier for people to learn to build their own electric vehicles. That’s either for me with a car company or someone ensuring to convert their car to electric.

So the Turn E conversions photo below clearly helps explain things in the book like you wouldn’t know.  A battery cage of cells to be packed and inevitably strung together with battery management sensors.

From turn E conversions. lithium ion batteries as shown in the book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

From Turn E #Conversions starting to Build a battery pack for converted SMART #EV in Germany. Source: Christian Von Hösslin

TURN-Electric – just do it!

TURN-E is the abbreviation of TURN-ELECTRIC, which is the baseline and spirit of the company. Recycle-Reuse. Because that‘s the 21st century. Vintage cars and boats meet modern drive technology. Circular economy is following nature‘s design. Nature is forever. As for the electric drive – you have to feel it to believe it. Experience raw power, acceleration, wind, waves, the street…

With a broad smile on your face, you’ll ask yourself, now why didn‘t I TURN-Electric sooner!

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