First off, you only want what’s best for your family. So when asked to test Green Works cleaners, I didn’t blink. As well, the all-purpose cleaner is made from high-quality ingredients.  Most important that it is at least 97% naturally derived.

alkyl polyglucoside
The top-secret cleaning ingredient inside Green Works products? Believe it or not, it comes from plants. Therefore, this plant-based cleaning agent is great at dissolving and removing dirt, oil and grease.
citric acid
Ever wonder why hard water doesn’t lather well? It’s the minerals! So this corn-based ingredient reduces minerals.  Thereby softening hard water and helping our naturally derived cleaning ingredients work harder.
fragrance with essential oils
In addition, Natural fragrances can go bad over time.  That’s why Green Works products contain synthetic fragrances with oils extracted from plants. That leaves behind a clean, fresh scent.


Green Works in effect!

Thanks Spring cleaning in effect with Green Works from Clorox!

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