Did you know that sea shells make great mulch? You can use them in a few different ways: mulch for the soil besides shells. So mulch for fresh plants, and even as a decorative piece. The idea is to help keep the soil warm and damp, which is important for plants to thrive.
How do you use them? Simply collect different colors of sea shells from the beach, and then wash them in fresh water.

Set them out in a shallow container (a bucket or jar will do) and allow the shells to dry. You can then use them as mulch. Shells are a natural, inexpensive way to improve your soil and soil health in your garden or landscape.

mulch Shell soilTesting these colored sea shells as mulch called Colored Shell

Shell Mulch 411 from Me!

So again welcome to Green Living Guy. It’s a comprehensive resource for electric cars, renewable energy, and sustainable living. Our website offers a wealth of information and resources for anyone interested in living a greener lifestyle. So on mulch, we provide accurate and up-to-date information. All provided by expert Seth Leitman [1].

We at The Green Living Guy really pride ourselves in promoting a better tomorrow. All through sustainable living practices. From using seashells as mulch to reduce weed growth and insulate soil [2]. Also to incorporating crushed seashells as a soil amendment for gardening [3]. So we provide a variety of green living tips and tricks to help you live an environmentally-friendly life. Join us in our mission to make the world a better place, one small step at a time.

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