First of all, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sedan was so fuel efficient.  In addition, I was able to get the overall MPG of the car up 2 miles per gallon. So if it’s 45 mpg: try 47 mpg. It is something that Ford Motor Company verified. Therefore, within 6 months or so I could have gotten the car up to 50-60 miles per gallon.

Lincoln MKZ Plush 

It was a plush all out car.  I mean leather seats and the total feel of a limo Lincoln Town Car (wait; it’s a Lincoln..duh).

Lincoln MKZ hybrid keys

To further explain the 2 miles per gallon overall MPG means that the total odometer of the car (I believe it was about 35,000 miles or so) averaged let’s say 40 miles per gallon.  By the time I was done testing the car, I was able to increase the overall MPG to 42 MPG for the car (not the trip).

New Design DNA

The new Lincoln MKZ hybrid electric sedan. The future of Lincoln design born today.

New Split-Wing Grille

The signature Lincoln split-wing grille dramatically refined.

Standard Full LED Lamps

LED headlamps and taillamps blend style and function.

Open and Inviting Interior

So to start, it has Impeccable Craftsmanship. That’s what you feel when riding in this vehicle.

Attention to fine details is noticeable throughout the interior.

A 6-Speed SelectShift Automatic® with Push-Button Shift was pretty much fun. For it’s not your traditional shifter. I mean in appearance or function.


In today’s world, electric and hybrid cars are also becoming increasingly popular. Especially due to their eco-friendliness and fuel efficiency. One such car that caught our attention. For it is the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. This car is not just a hybrid, but it is also more electric than you might think. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a perfect example of how car manufacturers are incorporating electric technology into their vehicles to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly. In this article, we explored the features and benefits of the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and why it’s worth considering as your next car purchase. So, if you’re curious about this innovative vehicle, take a test drive. I hope you like reading to learn more about the electric side of the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

Source: Press Kit Info for Lincoln MKZ hybrid

Lincoln MKZ hybrid electric

Lincoln logo

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