US EV Owner Travels 100,000 Miles in Nissan Leaf

Steve Marsh, a Nissan LEAF owner from the state of Washington in the US, yesterday celebrated 100,000 miles driven in his zero-emission vehicle.

Marsh was one of the first customers to take delivery of a Nissan LEAF in Washington 2 ½ years ago. A financial controller, he made the decision to go electric and buy a LEAF primarily based on the car’s low cost of ownership—a benefit that more than 92,000 LEAF drivers around the world are also now enjoying.

Marsh has a daily commute of about 130 miles and calculates the LEAF has saved him more than $9,000 compared to his old gas-powered car. Marsh credits the robust charging network in Washington and the charger installed at his office for his ability to make the long journey each day.

Source: Renault / Nissan Alliance

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