New Data from Ford Shows Impact of Growing Hybrid Adoption in NYC

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2013 – More than 1 million electric-only miles are expected to be driven by Ford. Yet it’s from plug-in hybrid customers in New York. All by the end of the year. For that’s also a number increasing by about 5,200 daily. All most importantly as more people buy Ford hybrid vehicles.

Check out my video of the Ford Fusion Energi Test Drive performed in 2013. The Ford Fusion Energi is a Ford plugin hybrid!

Total Ford hybrid vehicle sales in New York are up 412 percent through the first 10 months of 2013. That’s compared with the same year-ago period. Sales across the entire lineup of Ford hybrids are up significantly. Sales of the Ford Fusion Hybrid in New York, for example, are up 382 percent. All through the first 10 months of 2013. Moreover compared with the same year-ago period.

In addition, Ford recently analyzed aggregate data from the New York region. Most noteworthy then they collected if through the MyFord Mobile® app. All which is available on Ford’s plug-in vehicles.

For that’s Fusion Energi and C-MAX Energi, and Focus Electric.

Offered through the App Store and Google Play, MyFord Mobile allows drivers to link up with their cars via a wireless module that provides remote communication with the car to maximize utility and minimize operating costs.

A multiyear wireless service subscription is included with every Ford electrified vehicle. Data specific to New York show:

  1. Ford plugin Total electric miles driven: 568,000
  2. Daily electric miles driven: 5,200
  3. Gasoline saved as a result of EV-only use: 13,200 gallons
  4. Average trip distance: 12.5 miles
  5. About 57 percent of total miles driven are electric
  6. About 73 percent of miles driven per trip are electric
  7. Short trips: 82 percent of trips are within the vehicle’s 20-mile electric range

So looking at specific geographic regions like New York City, takes the guesswork out of trying to figure things out. Meaning what we need to do. Especially with regard to adjustments and continual improvement. That came from Mike Tinskey. For he is global director of Ford vehicle electrification and infrastructure.

Also Tinskey and his team are constantly looking at MyFord Mobile data from across the United States. All to therefore learn how Ford hybrids are performing and being used so that the ownership can be customized to shifting trends.

For example, should data indicate customers aren’t getting the most from their battery when making short trips around New York. Therefore Ford customer service might decide to emphasize educating owners in the region about proper use of the EV:

Now feature that keeps the vehicle in electric-only mode. The most recent U.S. MyFord Mobile report shows:

  1. Total electric miles driven: 40 million
  2. On a per trip basis, 75 percent of total miles are driven in electric mode
  3. The Average trip distance: 12.1 miles
  4. Moreover the average number of trips between charges: Four
  5. In addition, the average number of charges per vehicle every week: Seven
  6. Percent of Ford plug-in hybrids using level one charging stations: 70
  7. Short trips: 83 percent of one-way trips are of distances 20 miles or less
  8. Weekends: The number of short trips increases by about 5 percent on Saturday and Sunday

In addition, Tinskey says one of the most useful data points shows that after 30 days of driving experience. So 25 percent of drivers are in electric-only mode 100 percent of the time. I am meaning they don’t use any gasoline. In New York, after 30 days, 19 percent of drivers are in electric-only mode all of the time.

Furthermore, Tinskey says the increase in electric-only drive time signifies improved driving habits.

I mean resulting from the unique combination of technologies and features in Ford vehicles.

For that’s such as:
  1. Regenerative braking: Ford has spent 15 years refining a system that captures up to 95 percent of a vehicle’s kinetic energy otherwise wasted – some competitor vehicles capture as little as 30 percent
  2. Ford Auto Start-Stop: By shutting a vehicle’s engine off when it would otherwise be idling, fuel efficiency can be improved by as much as 10 percent
  3. Driver coaching features such as MyFord Mobile and SmartGauge® with EcoGuide help drivers clearly identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their driving habits

MyFord Mobile evolves

MyFord Mobile has evolved since it was introduced and now features a charging station finder powered by, which provides the most comprehensive information available about access to charging stations. In addition to the more than 20,000 public charge stations in the United States and Canada, PlugShare also provides data about private stations.

Trip & Charge Log is another recent addition to MyFord Mobile, providing instant information about trips, including energy use and average fuel economy, along with a score based on driving habits, such as effective use of brakes.

Other features of MyFord Mobile include:

· Trip Planner: Confirms planned destinations are within the battery’s current range, based on previous driving history; provides tips specific to driving habits to ensure route feasibility; defaults route to a charge station as the final destination

· My GO Times: Schedules a vehicle to charge and power up at specific times as determined by the owner so the cabin will be most comfortable when ready to go

· Value Charge Profiles: Charges battery based on electricity rates; provides a list of electrical plans from local utility company to maximize charging needs affordably

Source: Ford Motor Company