Not new to the modeling game but now has entered the Eco modeling scene, Tara Mackey is stepping up to be the next great Eco model. Having worked with my two favorite Eco models; May Lindstrom and Summer Rayne Oakes, Mackey adds a layer on honesty, sincerity and beauty like the best of them.

Tara Mackey is a Certified Lab Analyst and Environmental Technician from New York City. Based in Los Angeles, Tara doubles as a full time Musician, Agency Model and Actress with Q Management, as well as a Wellness Writer. Her educational background includes the study of Psychology at Bennington College, and the study of Human Biology at Hunter College NYC and Pace University; specifically, the study of how our Environment effects our Genes (Epigenetics). She has worked at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City as well as small Environmental Laboratories.

Tara is currently a Contributor for Lucky Magazine and True Luxury Life and spends her time participating in sustainable and eco friendly causes as an Eco Model and Eco Brand Ambassador. She has a Rescued Pit/Lab Mix named Raelie and likes to take photographs, cook, garden, read, listen to music, travel, laugh, enjoy long walks on the beach and have fun.

My Organic Life is a mission in Organics at the bare sense of the word: coming back to who we truly are and living life fully & with great passion and enthusiasm. I believe that understanding your Inner Self is key to a rich life full of abundance, health & wellness. ” From NYC to LA, Tara has made moves that left her with the lasting impression that in this busy life, loving and caring for ourselves is the key to satisfaction…” – True Luxury Life ,”Tara Mackey: Around the World”

It lead to quitting my 9-5 job as an Environmental Laboratory Technician in NYC. My Biology background became useless since I was bedridden during the day. Luckily, a self-driven modeling & acting career allowed me to keep making a living. I decided that moving (via road trip) to Los Angeles to pursue wellness, sunshine & a drastically new lifestyle of exercise, nutrition & daily meditation was my only choice. I told myself that if I found anywhere on the way that seemed more appealing, that is where I would live. You see, I’d never been to Los Angeles before.

To compliment this lifestyle Tara uses RMS Beauty, Waxelene, Osmia Organics, Vapour Beauty, Christopher Drummond, Honeybee Gardens, Jane Iredale, Deliziososkincare, GRESSA and Marie Natie for cosmetics. I love that none of them are listed in any typical magazine or advert. It’s because they are green, eco and better for your skin that something similar in name or Gorreal per se.

Tara has also grown an organic garden started, uses only Eco friendly cosmetics and cleaning products. Tara has an organic blog available to search on Instagram and WordPress.

Tara grows organic turnips, tomatoes, wild flowers, pumpkin sprouts, squash, spinach and more.As Tara writes:

As a Native New Yorker, impatience seems to be ingrained in my bones. For some reason though, when gardening, the longer it takes for something to bloom or flower, the happier I am with the result. It has taught me IMMENSE patience – there’s plants I’ve grown for 5 or 6 months and never harvested a thing from – that draughts or storms totally took away from me and forced me to move on from. Gardening really isn’t about the destination – it’s about the process. The therapy, the wait – it’s about forming a relationship with your plants and understanding how much they need and of what. Spread this theory out and apply it to your relationships with people, and you can’t help but see how this could positively affect the majority of what goes on for most people day to day.

Tara adds about her commitment to the green life:
“They say it takes 21 days to change your palette: after over a year of being starved from withdrawal, I was ready to do it right. Once I could eat again, the choice of what to eat became abundantly clear. I went on a 3 month Raw Nutrition Plan, which I stick to basically to this day: thriving on smoothies, juices, salads, nuts, herbs, fruits, veggies, soups and dehydrated concoctions that spurred me creatively to find nutritious recipes that were tasty and good for me and my family. Getting my own home in Los Angeles in November of 2012 allowed me to start My Organic Garden, where I grow over 50 fruits, veggies, herbs, trees & flowers.”

From New York, Tara has the street smarts and east coast momentum to keep an LA modeling profession moving. Yet overtime, Tara realized how cosmetics and food have a direct impact on how we are living inside and out. So her organic life blog talks about ways to protect your skin, green makeup, green hair conditioners, great facial masks, organic skin conditioners and moisturizers to how your health and what you eat will help take care of you too.

So this is what in part makes Tara stand to be the world’s next top eco model. Besides this, Tara is a prolific writer about happiness, wellness and America’s real skin problem called heavy acne. Not just kid pimples stuff either. Read more of her blog to find out.

I guess the only thing to do is: Stay Tuned!

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