The State of Renewables as an industry Is Strong. Renewables like wind and solar power. Furthermore. Congress Needs to Keep It That Way says NRDC Nathanael Greene

So the President reaffirmed his commitment to double-down on America’s energy efficiency. To help counter the worst effects of climate change.  Therefore, President Obama used last night’s State of the Union address to challenge Congress. To act and ensure our national policies fully support the nation’s transition to a clean energy economy.

The president touted energy efficiency’s amazing success in his speech and the accompanying documents released by the White House.  However, there wasn’t time to list all the great energy-saving initiatives under way. Much more work needs to be done to advance energy efficiency.  Ironically, our cheapest resource.  Therefore, renewables like wind and solar, especially in Congress. And that begins with Congress renewing and expanding the clean energy tax incentives.  You know, the ones they let expire on December 31, while billions in subsidies continue to big polluters.

Furthermore, in his State of the Union speech, President Obama reaffirmed our country’s moral obligation. An obligation to protect our kids from the dangers of climate change. And in doing that, he gave a shout-out to one of America’s fastest-growing industries.  Yes, a critical tool in this fight called solar power: So it seems that “Every four minutes, another American home or business goes solar. So every panel pounded into place by a worker is a job that can’t be outsourced.

The President is right: America is making impressive gains on renewables such as wind and solar power.  However and let’s not forget energy efficiency!

In conclusion, give thanks to important federal, state and local policies and laws that promote clean, renewable energy.  Finally, the state of renewable energy in America is strong.

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