Developed by automotive electrical engineers, the FuelShark helps to maintain optimum electrical performance in order to improve a car’s MPG. It’s simple to use — just plug it into the lighter adapter or power port of most vehicles. A blue light goes on and the system goes into action. Seriously folks, my wife has this in her car for over a 6 month testing period. She comes home saying it works. It reduced the fueling amounts to once a week versus twice a week.

The FuelShark works with the interconnected electrical components in a car’s electrical system – batteries, spark plugs and other parts – to ensure the cleanest possible electrical circuit environment. Because cars develop electrical imbalances over time due to the power demands made by the various accessories, as well as normal wear on electrical parts, fuel use increases – and, of course, so do fuel costs.

The FuelShark stabilizes system voltage, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency and overall performance. An engine’s spark plugs will deliver a strong, even spark – providing for cleaner combustion. This helps to increase a car’s power and MPG, while simultaneously producing cleaner emissions.

These types of products, of course, are not without their share of controversy. Similar fuel saving products can be found nearly everywhere, with each one touting its effectiveness – and media has taken notice. Consumer Reports and Car & Driver both did extensive negative exposes on products with the same claims. However, FuelShark has been in development for several years and when it was released on a limited scale in 2009, it took its time and in the process began to slowly win over skeptics from both the media and auto professionals.

WTAE-TV (ABC Pittsburgh) aired an investigative report on the FuelShark in which the product received very positive reviews. The station also had the top technician at a local BMW/Jaguar dealership (A&L Motors in Monroeville, PA) test the device. The result? The dealership began selling FuelSharks in their parts department after the former skeptic became convinced the device actually did work.