The Israeli Council for Green Building, collaborating with the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund has a new competition. They introduced Israel’s first green building competition in Tel Aviv.

It’s therefore raising awareness of green building in Israel. So the competition targets both professionals and students. All with the two winning designs to be constructed. Construction as a demonstration in green building.

israeli council for green building Created green building competition

Encouraging Israel’s architects and planners to understand and abide by green building standards. In addition the CEO of the Israeli Council for Green Building, Hila Beinish, commented in part the following:

“thanks to cooperation with KKL-JNF, [the contest] will give the subject of green building in Israel resonance. That’s as well as the ability to advance on a national level. It’s because Israel is at a crucial crossroads. Especially in the fields of planning and development. So to therefore have  the intention to build thousands of housing units in response to demand in the coming years. This is an opportune time to introduce the field of green building on a comprehensive level.”
According to the Jerusalem Post:
Dr. Orr Karassin, a member of KKL-JNF’s sustainable development board and the judging committee’s chairwoman, stressed that the construction sector as a whole had “dramatic impacts on the environment.”

Approximately 30 percent of the electricity Israel produced is consumed in households. All the while public and commercial buildings consume more than 30%, according to the Israeli Council for Green Building.

In conclusion and among the competition’s judges are architects, planners, KKL-JNF executives. As well as an Environmental Protection Ministry official and a Standards Institute representative. All designs reviewed anonymously. Also there was equal access for both young and seasoned architects. Those comments from Mrs. Shiff. Mrs. Shiff is the competition coordinator on behalf of the Israeli Council for Green Building.
Sources: Jerusalem Post and 12 Mar 14 | Author Hannah Staff | New Products & Services on Intelligent Business Today
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