ROCKVILLE, Md., March 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — MOM’s Organic Market founder, Scott Nash

Coal. Oil. Bottled Water. Tobacco. Chemical Farming. All industries I’d like to see become non-existent. Add to that list chemical lawn care.

When Hurricane Isabel roared through DC in 2003, over a dozen large trees fell in my wooded yard. The lot was already a mess with invasive English ivy smothering everything. I had a minuscule lawn and 2 kids with 1 on the way. I decided it was time to clear it all out (except the trees) and put down grass seed to hold the ground. In the spring we spread seed and hay and I naively called a lawn care company to get my lawn started. I signed a contract for a year’s service. Sometime in June, after a few “applications” and some rainfall, I walked out onto my patio and slipped and fell. There was algae growing everywhere. My grass was turning dark green.

I realized then that I’d been paying for a plethora of unneeded chemical applications that were hurting the environment. I never put anything on my lawn ever again, and I started to take notice of the industry and our assumptions about lawns in general. I cringe when I see those little signs on yards telling us that chemicals have been applied.

MOM’s is launching “Save the Dandelions!” this month to educate people about the impact of chemical lawns. From March 15-23, we will collect any unwanted lawn chemicals from customers and safely dispose of them; we will be educating our customers about the negative environmental impacts of lawn chemicals; and we will launch an advertising campaign to shift public perception towards embracing imperfect, natural yards. Save the Dandelions!

Source: PR Newswire

Image Source: MOM’s Purpose is to protect and restore the environment. (PRNewsFoto/MOM’s Organic Market)

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