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Earth Day is April 22, 2014 and a big day for green movement advocates. Today’s advocate di jour is Stephanie Tobor, CEO and founder of Green Apple Supply. Stephanie runs a nonprofit with a mission to educate the world on green living and make eco friendly products affordable to everyone no matter the economic status or geographic location.

She is to be a featured speaker in Miami’s Sustanatopia conference in April.

The Green Apple Supply story –

When Stephanie Tobor learned that her 3-year-old daughter had juvenile idiomatic arthritis, like any other parent, she began her journey to do what she could to help her daughter live her life without pain by learning all she could about the disease. Deep in her investigation of juvenile arthritis she uncovered that pollutants were a possible cause and narrowed down the source as local drinking water where she lived in Texas as the likely culprit — she decided to find alternative products that lacked harmful contents.

Discovering that eco friendly, nontoxic products were not only difficult to find but very expensive to incorporate in every day life, Stephanie, with a background in economics, decided to develop an option for consumers who wish to use their purchase power for the greener good.

More to the story…..

Green Apple Supply Founder, Stephanie Tobor, is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and environmental activist. Born and raised in Texas, Stephanie worked diligently to maximize charitable donations by founding, a database of matching donation opportunities for consumers. Upon moving to Colorado, she developed the concept of Compassionate Capitalism and founded Green Apple Supply.

“Eco products should be affordable for everyone, and by prioritizing compassion over profit margin, we are making it possible,” says Stephanie. “We are committed to shifting the purchasing habits of consumers by creating a marketplace in which conventional, non-sustainable products are the pricier alternatives and green, eco-friendly choices are the more affordable option and become the norm.”

Stephanie also serves as an Executive Advisor to Plastic Pollution Coalition and works closely with the Sylvia Earle Alliance and Mission Blue. She is a happily married, mother of two and lives in Evergreen, Colorado.

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