Richard Herbert has sent Matter of Trust his invention a hair boom floating cage. $25 to make. It can hold many hair booms aligned in rows. They can sit low and skim oil off the surface. Herbert’s trap door invention for the containment boom prevents the oil from escaping and allows the hair boom to collect as much as possible.

Matter Of Trust, establised in 1998, is an ecological public charity that links ideas, sparks action and materializes flourishing systems. It concentrates on manmade surplus, natural surplus and eco-education.

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A huge International Natural Fiber Recycling mobilization took place to help get hair boom to the Gulf Coast Spill. We had 19 donated warehouses spread along Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida that received hair, fur, fleece & nylons from donors all over the U.S., Canada and 30 other countries! Thousands of volunteers signed up to have Stocking Stuffers and Bar B Q parties where they made the boom. Amanda Bacon in Alabama created the term “Boom B Qs.”
Hair Mat Oil Spill Flyer

Student Handout

Teacher Handout

Can Any Hair Salon Participate??  YES!!!!!!

Hair Teacher Demo

Source: Matter of Trust

To be on our Oil Spill Emergency Contact List: Please sign up to donate hair, fur, fleece on our program: Excess Access

The organization Matter of Trust is still ACCEPTING donations of BRAIDS and PONYTAILS 3 inches or longer. We currently CANNOT TAKE boxes clippings of hair, fur or fleece while we are waiting for a new warehouse space. For addresses of where to send, please post your donation at Excess Access (free, fast, and easy).


To send hair, just shampoo, braid or ponytail, make sure of length at least 3 inches (8 cm), secure on both ends with rubber bands, put into envelope and mail to location of nearest classroom as instructed by our Excess Access system.

Also please send LONG braids to:
10+ inch (25cm) Braids go to:
Wigs 4 Kids
12+ inch (30cm) braids to go:
The idea of classroom (and now Eco-Center) demos came to us from some wonderful engineers at Texas Instruments who contacted us during our struggles with the BP oil spill. They said that solar panel technology came out in the 70s but not enough people wanted to buy it. So some smart salesmen came to Texas Instruments and said, “Could we put solar panels on your school calculators?” Kids grew up putting their fingers over the solar panels and watching the calculators turn off and then lifting their fingers to see them turn on. And so did their parents. Twenty years later some these kids got jobs in the energy and construction sectors and when people said, “Does solar work?” they knew it did, even in fog. And now, solar is widespread, arguably the most popular of “alternative energies.”

Teachers and students, meanwhile, were contacting us from all over the world about our oil spill demo. So, we have now made handouts, lesson plans and demo videos for classrooms, science fair projects, Boys & Girls Clubs, Scouts, after school programs, University shop classes and research projects… Click on the links below and please send us feedback of what else you’d like. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up on our Excess Access database for news and updates. It shouldn’t take twenty years, we really expect oil companies to shift quickly using the renewable, plentiful, natural, non-toxic waste fibers instead of continuing to drill oil, to make oil-based products used specifically to clean up oil spills. That is just the most annoying cycle we have ever come across.

According to the EPA, 50% of the annual oil spilled in our waterways comes from motor oil run-off. Booms are oil catchers, and can be made from natural waste fibers such as hair clippings from salons, fur clippings from groomers and waste fleece from alpaca, llama and other fleece farmers. Our kits are for schools to use and show how these abundant, renewable fibers soak up oil before kids’ very eyes in science experiments and shop classes. This is a fun tool for those who want a project to raise recycling and clean oceans awareness. Check out our Teacher/Student Oil Spill Clean Up Handout in PDF and demonstration videos posted on YouTube How To Do A Classroom Fake Oil Spill Demo

We are always reaching out to harbormasters, mechanics and manufacturing companies as end users who need booms. We enjoy working with local small businesses because the feedback is immediate. As students graduate and create green businesses to help pay for college, we hope to have a database of willing end users for their natural fiber booms!

Teacher/Student Oil Spill Clean Up Handout

How To Do A Classroom Fake Oil Spill Demo
You can, of course, use real used motor oil but it’s toxic and smells bad, so do demo outside.

YouTube on How Hair Collects Oil

YouTube on How To Make A Boom

YouTube on Hair Boom Soaks Up Oil

Everyone can!
No matter where you are. No matter if you’re with a salon or groomer or if you’re a volunteer.
First, please SIGN UP to our Excess Access program. It’s FREE and FAST.
It is our mass donation matching database system.

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