Test Drive Results for the 2014 BMW 535d on Answers.com

20140731-144106-52866872.jpgImpressive is one word that comes to mind with the 2014 BMW 535d. It’s efficient, strong, luxurious and fun. Besides the torque, it includes extremely amazing green LED lighting that’s purely adaptive, fuel efficiency and amazing dynamics. It includes the M class to the car which is available by hand pedals behind the steering wheel. Coupled with a detailed carbon fiber interior, this car is a special breed and more than meets the eye.

BMW Efficient Dynamics includes a Mild Hybrid Electric Car too

When seeing the sign for “Efficiency Dynamics” one asks what does that mean? An example is being able to go down and up a 25 degree angle hill without stepping on the pedal once. It also includes a mini battery to recharge and use energy for; making the car a mild hybrid electric car.

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