April 28, 2014 – MONTVALE, NJ

The 2014 B-Class Electric Drive features dynamic design. Plus a premium interior and a powerful electric motor. All for emission-free mobility. This allows for lively, effortless driving pleasure over a real-world range of 85 miles (EPA)*. In addition, the B-Class Electric Drive is digitally networked. Thanks to its connectivity, it can be conveniently checked and configured via the internet.

As the Mercedes-Benz among electric vehicles, the B-Class Electric Drive sets clear standards. Standards in terms of comfort, quality and safety for up to five occupants. The B-Class Electric Drive, bearing the unmistakable three-pointed star trademark. Launching in the US market in the summer of 2014. It also pricing at $41,450 USD (excluding $925 destination and delivery).

The new B-Class Electric Drive surprises with an especially dynamic driving experience. It provides noticeably powerful acceleration. All while gliding along quietly. The new electric Mercedes offers the driver and up to four passengers the familiar high standards of ride comfort in a high-class. It’s as spacious and with a precision-designed interior.

The B-Class Electric Drive combines dynamic and driving pleasure with zero local emissions. Therefore and in short: it delivers electric driving at premium level.

Mercedes Electric

As I writing before and once seeing it in all its beauty. This one is my close favorite electric cars. Mercedes electric car at the New York Auto Show.

Powerful drive with brisk acceleration

The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive made on the conventionally powered B-Class.

Since the launch of the first B-Class version in 2005, Mercedes-Benz has seen customers taking delivery of over one million of these vehicles. As an especially versatile vehicle concept, the B-Class is innovative electric drive. It now allows more environmental friendly capabilities to Mercedes standards.

Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with TESLA Motors to develop the electric B-Class. The two companies share many years of coöperation in the field of electric mobility.

The battery for the predecessor model of the smart fortwo electric drive, for instance, came from TESLA. For the B-Class Electric Drive, Mercedes-Benz is once again leveraging the extensive know-how available from the electric car pioneer and is using the TESLA drive system in its own vehicle.

Quiet and local emission-free driving ensuring by an electric motor generating 177 hp (132 kW). Typical for an electric drive system, the motor develops its maximum torque of 251 lb-ft (340 Newton meters) from the very first touch of the accelerator. This is about equal to the torque from a modern three-liter gasoline engine. The result is noticeably powerful acceleration from a standing start.
In addition, the electrically driven B-Class drives from zero to 60 mph in 7.9 seconds. Effortless driving and handling and exhilarating driving pleasure with a high level of comfort are thus guaranteed in every situation.

The power supply to the electric drive delivering via a high performance lithium-ion battery. This is compactly and safely housed in the “Energy Space”. That’s in the underfloor of the vehicle. Such intelligent packaging allows the five-seater to keep the B-Class’s familiar spaciousness in both its interior and its luggage compartment of 17.69-51.42 ft3.

Zero emissions also on longer journeys

In the interests of optimizing range, the top speed is electronically limited to 100 mph. Depending on driving cycle; the vehicle has a range of 85 miles (EPA)*. This permits emission-free driving not just in city traffic and on short journeys, but also over longer distances – such as a daily commute. The B-Class Electric Drive can be charged from any standard domestic power socket. However and unfortunately a range of 60 miles. Although the charging time at 240V in the United States is less than 2 hours*. Most likely with regenerative braking and other drift you can get 70 miles maybe. I’ve seeb things  the road, the electric drive itself makes its own contribution to a favorable energy balance by converting kinetic energy into electric current during coasting and braking, and feeds this energy into the battery.

Dynamic Mercedes-Benz design

Refined sportiness combined with aesthetic appeal – the B-Class Electric Drive features the self-assured and dynamic styling so typical of Mercedes with powerfully defined lines and finely crafted details. The front and rear sections express the width of the vehicle. This is ensuring wide, prominent grille and the headlamps, which wrap round into the sides, as well as by the wide rear window, two-piece tail lights and large tailgate with deep sill. A dynamic look creating by door-sill panels and striking bumpers with bar-shaped LED daytime running lamps. The charge socket is inconspicuously installed behind the conventional fuel tank door.

Source and for the entire release: Mercedes Benz20140804-212146-76906056.jpg

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