As Summer vacations have come to pass, the changing leaves and cooler temps are amazing. Because fall makes it an ideal time to plan an eco-friendly weekend road trip. All around California. So Zem Joaquin consequently who is pictured below with yours truly. She’s a green lifestyle expert and founder of Ecofabulous. See Zem has tips on also what environmentally friendly items to bring. Especially where to stay. As well as where to eat from Sacramento to Los Angeles.

Eco Road Trip Mercedes Electric

What to drive:

Any eco-friendly road trip needs an environmentally conscious vehicle. So the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive is a first among electric vehicles. That’s with its roomy silhouette. One that’s perfect to haul everything from your luggage to snacks.

For it also has an 85-mile range. One for planned routes that can be displayed. Yet it feels like a limousine inside.  For it’s showing at a glance where the vehicle can be recharged. Yes folks, all along the way. Perks for road trips: You can avoid traffic. I mean by using the HOV lanes with an electric car. Then you also save money by not paying for gas.

What to pack:

1) Reusable bags – These are key for organized storage of the souvenirs. I mean you will inevitably pick-up some along the way. Plus they are great for separating snacks. Also for clothes, shoes and electronics like cameras or chargers.

2) Refillable water bottles like stainless steel S’well bottles or glass LifeFactory or BKR bottles – these cut down on plastic waste.

3) People Towels are reusable towels that are helpful for a quick clean up after a hiking adventure.

4) Re-useable wood forks and spoons for snacks means so much less plastic

4) Prevent sunburns with Elemental Herbs sunscreen made with organic ingredients

Where to go:

1) The Greene Boheme in Sacramento
2) Recology’s Artist in Residence Program in San Francisco
3) Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
4) Orchard Garden Hotel in San Francisco
5) Los Angeles Farmers Market
6) Hiking in Los Angeles
7) Café Gratitude in Los Angeles
8) Shore Hotel in Los Angeles

For additional tips and destination suggestions
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Zem Joaquin and Seth Leitman
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Re usable wood forks and spoons save plastic for eco friendly road trip
% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert
In Los Angeles there’s tons of places now that serve Beyond Meat. Ask for it.
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