You find out who truly supports electric vehicles in a moment of true need.

In setting out to create what became the KICK GAS movie, we met what we’ll refer to as EVs friends and EV foes.

For more on this commentary on Inside EVs.

“While filming the Zero Emissions & Drive Electric Tours a few years ago; I had a conversation with a person whose dream was to travel across the country on her electric scooter to spread EV awareness and set a Guinness World Record. Her vision was to ride from her hometown of Charleston, SC and end her journey on Google’s front lawn. As she began to speak of her plans, other conscious minded individuals stepped forward to take this EV journey with her.”

“Fast forward to early Summer 2013, they called me out of the blue. It was an incredible opportunity, after all they’ve had 3 years to plan and research this, right? The group now consisted of 8 strangers from various countries, prepared to ride a variety of electrically powered vehicles ranging from bikes to cars.“

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